Areas of Expertise

Our expert team have years of experience working in the life sciences industry. We have a mix of consultants with science degrees and real industry experience across the industry, as well as consultants with many years experience hiring in this field. This expert team are perfectly placed to understand the challenges and nuances of hiring within this specialist field.


Find out more about the areas we specialise in.



Technology experts ensure your systems stay up and running and don’t hold you back. Whether you are looking for a software developer, UX specialist or IT Manager, we can help you find someone that can apply their skills to your industry.

Pharmaceutical Development

The pharmaceutical industry is full of risks. You need an expert team who understand the industry who can reduce these risks. We can support roles in clinical development, clinical operations, data management and drug safety. You can take the risk out of your staffing strategy and process when you work with us.

Technical Industries

Technical industries staff keep your organisation running. From Quality Assurance to Engineering and Manufacturing, you need a reliable team to keep the wheel turning. When you need to scale up your manufacturing, talk to our team.

Research & Development

Having the best Research and Development scientists is essential in the pharmaceutical industry.  Work with us on your next Discovery, Formulation or Process role and ensure you have the right people in the right positions.


Often thought of as the mouth of your organisation, you need a strong commercial team to ensure a consistent revenue stream into your business. Our team can source candidates with the right attitude and proven track record to propel your business forward.